Welcome to the Greater Toronto Financial Academy

We empower children and youth to control their financial future by helping them invest in today.

Here at the Greater Toronto Financial Academy, we believe that learning about financial literacy should be a fun, positive, and engaging experience. We offer a variety of programs and services that expands one’s passion for learning about financial literacy and money management, for students of all ages, young adults, and parents.

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Why Financial Literacy is Important for Kids

Financial Literacy is one of the most important life skills, yet it is often a neglected topic for kids of all ages. It is never too early to start teaching your kids about money management. Learning basic money concepts and how financial systems work from a young age will better prepare children to become financially confident adults. Understanding money can be complicated without the proper education, but when learned it can be a lot of fun and open up a world of opportunities.
As with most investments in life, children have the benefit of time on their sides. By investing in your children’s financial literacy today, you will help them learn how to start building a financially secure future.

Our Programs


We offer workshops on a variety of topics including introduction to money management, landing the first job, entrepreneurship for teens, and more.

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Our school based programs are available for all grades from K-12. We offer school assemblies and in class workshops that meet curriculum expectations.

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Our camps are the perfect mix of fun outdoor activities and learning tangible skills around finance and business that can be applied to the real world.

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We offer interview and resume coaching, one on one support for budgeting and saving, money management support for children with special needs, and more.

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Why Choose Us?

Experienced Educators

We are a group of certified and skilled educators who are passionate about the importance of learning financial literacy at a young age.

Interactive Programming

All of our programs are designed to make learning about money management fun and engaging for all ages.

Skill Development

We build important skills. Participants will come out of each of our programs with technical skills they can apply to the real world.

News and Blogs

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As a parent of three teenaged children, I found the modules for parents both engaging and informative. My only regret is that I would have liked my kids to see this five years ago!

Ben R.

Parenting a Financially Responsible Child

I found this course to be great and highly entertaining. I came in it with minimal knowledge of the stock market, and I learned a lot in just one session. I found the instructors Seth and Jen to be very friendly and informative, as they took the time to really engage with us.

Aubrey M.

Introduction to the Stock Market 101

The Greater Toronto Financial Academy has put together an incredible program that is accessible and a safe place to learn. As a university student who has never been taught this in the school system, I was given this incredible opportunity to learn something that I now see as essential for every student. Thanks to this program I now understand the concept of investing and the stock market more thoroughly. Thank you!

Alessia C

Introduction to the Stock Market For Young Adults

Our 14-year old daughter really enjoyed participating in her first session with The Greater Toronto Financial Academy.  I found it to be extremely enlightening and educational.  She hadn’t been exposed to most of these concepts before and I found it to be a most worthwhile and valuable experience.  I can’t wait for her to do additional courses and expand her knowledge and understanding of these important life skills.

Dan B (Parent)

Landing the First Job For Teens: Resume and Interview Workshop

The class was fun, visually appropriate, and overall I wanted more! When it finished, the first thing that came to my mind was, when is the next one? Thank you for your time and for what this program has offered me for the start of my future!

Ethan M.

Introduction to the Stock Market For Young Adults

The Intro to the Stock Market course explained how to evaluate the complex data and graphs associated with stocks and helped to simplify the criteria to consider when selecting investments. Thank you for demystifying the stock market!

Amanda U.

Introduction to the Stock Market For Young Adults